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PC Bonkers Computer Repair, Servicing & Consulting

PC Bonkers is your local, affordable computer expert servicing customers in Prescott, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

How can I help?

• Diagnose and repair many ailments affecting Windows PCs & laptops.

• Move your files and reinstall programs on your new PC.

• Recover files from a computer/laptop that no longer works.

• Teach you how to use a program or your favorite website.

• Convert that VHS or MiniDV tape to DVD.

• Set-up and configure your printer or wireless network.

• Scan for and remove viruses, web hijacks, and other malware.

• Help you start and use free services from Google.

▶ And so much more! I have a growing list of customers who trust me to save their files, install & fix software, clean their PCs and get them running again. In 20+ years of working with Windows PCs, I've nearly seen it all. Call or Email to discuss your needs.

Why choose me?

I have over 20 years of professional experience with personal computers and servers running Windows and Linux. My recent accomplishments include numerous SSD upgrades for area residents and an Office 365 for business deployment.

My list of client successes.

I have expert knowledge of Microsoft's Word, Excel, and Access programs. If you're looking for low-cost options, I can help with mainstream alternatives, like Libre Office or Google Docs.

How much does it cost?

I charge $60 per hour if I come to your home to provide service, but I typically charge a flat fee of $80 with no hourly charge if you bring your computer to me. Most problems take more than one hour to fix. You will also have to pay for replacement parts, if any. I offer honest and up-front pricing to help you decide what's best for your needs.

See more rate details.

Business Solutions

Are you an education institution getting started with iPads? I can help you set up a small MDM solution using Apple School Manager and Meraki Systems Manager. If you have fewer than 100 devices, there's no monthly cost.

Are you a nonprofit looking to create a web presence and connect with low-cost services? I can refer you to a local pro who designs beautiful sites. Plus, Google has a great suite of free services for bona fide 501(c)3 organizations. I'll walk you through the options that can provide email, cloud-storage, document sharing, advertising and much more. Why I work with nonprofits.

Business clients should call to arrange quotes and rates for projects or long-term retainers.

Call Larry at 715-256-7847, (call anytime) or to email me, click here.

View my business info on Google Maps, Google Search, and also find me on Facebook.

PC Bonkers is owned by Larry Imm
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