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PC Bonkers' Price List as of February 1, 2020

Services and standard rates for home users:
Rates are subject to change at any time.
Call for business-to-business service rates.

• Windows PC/laptop diagnosis and repair.

Off-Site Service: Bring in your PC for servicing, leave it here, and pay between $60 and $120 for up to 3 hours' bench work. If your PC requires more time, I will contact you.

On-Site Service: $60 per hour.

Rush Jobs: Expedited work may be possible depending on my schedule.
Prices for such work will be double the rates mentioned above.
Talk to me if you need very fast turnaround. We can discuss your needs.

Parts: You must supply replacement parts, or be willing to reimburse me for parts purchased.
I do not stock replacement parts, nor do I make recommendations.

• Tutoring: teaching you how to use your PC, smart phone, hardware, or software.

Note: I cannot teach you how to diagnose or repair your computer or equipment. Please use one of the services offered above.

One-on-one Tutoring: $50 per hour.

• On-site installation and configuration of computers and networking equipment.

On-Site Service: $60 per hour.

Equipment: You must supply equipment to be installed and configured.
I do not make recommendations for or against any equipment.

• Off-site development of specialized software tools and utilities.

Typically $100 per hour, accrues in 1 hour increments.

Education, nonprofit, and business clients should contact me to arrange rates for long-term projects.

Call PC Bonkers at 715-256-7847, or to email, click here.

Call PC Bonkers at 715.256.7847 for more information.

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